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About the team

We are a company of like-minded persons from Saint Petersburg. We are passionate about sea, wind and speed. We spend every free moment for training and improving our skills, and also we just enjoy sailing. We participate fully in all sailing races of Saint Petersburg and also in top-range offshore events on the Baltic sea.

Currently our team consists of more then ten active crew members, not only experienced sailors, but also active newcomers, that have possibility to train on 4 sailboats of different classes. Since 2017 our boats are also used for sailing practice for students of the St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University. Everyone, who has desire and possibility to train with us and has the same passion to sea is welcome to join the crew!


Aurora Borealis (ELF1180)

The flagship of our fleet. This yacht was constructed in Saint Petersburg upon the ELF1180 project. From the very beginning the boat was designed for offshore races. In 2017 Aurora Borealis set the sails for the first time ever and came at once into the spotlight of local and international regattas.

  • Displacement - 5,2 т;
  • Length - 11,8 m (39 feet);
  • Draft - 2,6 м;
  • Main sail 50м2, staysail 33м2, gennaker 140м2

Three monotype racing boats, the red one, the blue and the yellow, designed and constructed in Saint Petersburg upon the ELF620 project and nicknamed by the crew “the Shrimps”. They are lightweight and speedy, suitable for short races and training of newcomers.

  • Displacement - 550 кг;
  • Length - 6,2 м;
  • Draft - 1,5 м;
  • Main sail - 14м2, staysail - 8м2, gennaker 42м2.

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