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Every year sailing sport attracts a growing number of people. Even though complicated circumstances, sailing in Saint Petersburg is on the march and keeps on developing. That means that audience of sailing races, which contains mostly solid and financially reliable people, is also increasing. That’s the reason why advertising on the leading yachts is a good investment.

After all, a sailing race is always a colourful, fascinating and breathtaking spectacle. The top yachts always attract attention of journalists and amateur photographers. Pictures with huge logos of sponsors on sails of the leading boats spread for years in the internet and mass media, incluiding state TV channels, and feature on trade shows. After races people share their photos in social networks, where they may get thousands of views due to reposts and comments.

This way the number of views of your advertising will also increase sharply. Sponsorship in yachting is prestigious!

Available promotional items:

1. On sails

Advertising on the main sail
Advertising on the gennaker
The sails are always in the foreground. Advertising on sails is always colourful and remarkable. A sail is definitely the best advertising location. A racing yacht usually has a set of 4-9 racing sails and a training/passage set (4-5 sails). Modern sails may be used for 3-5 years of racing and up to 10 seasons of training. A damaged sail is usually repared for further use and stays in service. We offer permanent advertising on the sails, for the whole service life.

2. Stickers on board

Advertising slogans and stickers on board are not so perceptible as those on sails, but nevertheless get captured by cameras and attract attention. The main advantage here is that this kind of advertising is visible even when the boat goes on engine with bare poles or is moored in the harbour. We offer advertising space on boards (deck, cabin and other constructions) to rent for a season.

3. Stickers on mast and spars

The mast and the boom are also a perfect place for promotional stickers. Our mast is 17 meter high, the boom – 5,5 meter long. This space is also to rent for a season.

4. Flags

Harbour flags
Lifeline banners (should be taken off for the race)

The advantage of flags and banners is that they are easy to produce and replace. The disadvantage – most of them may be used only in port or during pleasure sailing and should be taken away for the race. Just 1-2 pennons of about 30*50 cm may remain under spreaders in the racing time.

5. Crew uniform

Crew uniform example
Crew uniform example

Advertising space on the uniform jackets, t-shirts and beanies (caps are worn less often in the Baltic climate) is a great opportunity. Photographers adore to take shots of crews dressed in colourful uniform. Advertising is usually placed on the middle-layer fleece jackets that may be used for up to 10 years.

Concerning sponsorship and advertising please contact us by phone +7 (812) 7-400-239

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